We have updated our two guides to the litigation process in England & Wales. These are:

  • A guide to the litigation process where the case falls within the Disclosure Pilot Scheme (these are cases being heard in the Business and Property Courts, subject to some exceptions) – available here; and
  • A guide to the litigation process for all other cases – available here.

The guides provide an outline of the process of litigation in the courts of England & Wales. They will assist those who are litigating in England & Wales for the first time, as well as provide a useful up-to-date reminder of some of the principles to consider for all those involved in commercial litigation.

We give you a headline overview of the key stages in the litigation process, from before proceedings are issued, through to statements of case, disclosure of documents, witness statements, expert evidence, trial and appeal.

Inevitably the litigation process has many variables and points may arise in a specific case not covered in our headline guidance. If you would like advice on any specific dispute you’re handling, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or our Head of Dispute Resolution, Mark Lim.