The Law Society has released its first International Data Insights report, which confirms the global importance of English law and the dispute resolution capability within our jurisdiction

The report, which can be accessed here, is the result of research which evaluates the position of London's courts and arbitration centres compared to the dispute resolution facilities in other jurisdictions. 

It confirms the London Commercial Courts and London Court of International Arbitration as the venues of choice compared to other jurisdictions, confirming London as a global legal centre for resolving international commercial disputes. 

England is widely recognised as the leading jurisdiction in many areas and is renowned for its predictability, flexibility, respect for the autonomy of contracting parties and the supreme quality and independence of English High Court judges. 

Key findings of the report in respect of commercial dispute resolution are:

  • London Commercial Court is the leading centre for international commercial litigation, outperforming New York and other competitors. 
  • Almost 50% (37 out of 77) of contested trials across all four divisions of London Commercial Court were completed within one court week (four days) between October 2021 and September 2022. 
  • London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) is the leading centre for international arbitration. Singapore and Hong Kong received more claims than London in 2022, however they made fewer appointments of arbitrators. 
  • London Maritime Arbitrators Association handles the majority of global maritime disputes, governed by English law.

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