Back in May 2021 The Times and The Sunday Times launched the Times Enterprise Network. The network provides news, inspiration and advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike, helping them to run and grow their companies. Since its inception our dispute resolution team has been delighted to be regular contributors to the network, writing on a range of topical issues.

Our series has provided practical answers to questions that have had a number of businesses scratching their heads, including:

What can we do about a court judgment that arrived while our office was closed?*

What can we do about an EU customer charging us for Brexit delays?

My relationship with a supplier is broken. Can I go straight to court?

How can I revert a contract to pre-Covid terms?

* Inspired by news of the default judgment entered against Boris Johnson which hit the news in May 2021.  You can read more about that in our article “Did Dilyn the dog eat the writ?

Keep an eye on our dispute resolution webpage for more in the series over the coming months.